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2 Commercial Blvd. #101KB     Novato, CA  94949
Phone: (415) 883-4900
    So easy to use:        
1. Put your hand into the glove.
2. Pick up the poop.
3. Slide the glove sleeve back  down over your hand, turning  the glove inside out.
4. Remove your hand.
5. Tie a knot in the sleeve.  
Dog of the Month

"G.G." is our
Dog of the Month!

She is a young Bullmastiff who lives up to her name, truly being a "Gentle Giant"! One of her favorite things is riding in the car, taking in all the scenery as it goes by.


Bow Wow Woof Woof Arf Arf!*

*Translation: Please buy

 me some Poop Gloves,

they're great!  

How to Use
Poop Gloves:

 POOP GLOVES are terrific new biodegradable dog poop pick-up gloves.
They are environmentally friendly, made using a stable, nontoxic polyethylene
material that decomposes over time. By using Poop Gloves, you
will be doing your part to help protect the environment.

The unique glove shape of the "bag" makes it much easier and cleaner to pick up the poop of any size dog.


Poop Gloves are easy to dispense one at a time. A package of 100 gloves is only $9.95.


We donate 10% of our net profit to various animal welfare organizations... see  ABOUT US.


SPECIAL OFFER for dog owners who have never used Poop Gloves:  We will be glad to send you free samples of Poop Gloves so you can try them first to see how great they really are!  For further information,  CLICK HERE.